NO FEE Rental Program

Owners and renters are using websites from Facebook to CraigsList to list and rent units without a fee. Your board has recognized the importance of protecting renters, as some have arrived with their families at Charter Club with no reservation and no room available. As an owner you can now help protect against scammers by placing your unit for rent with Charter Club. This additional step before posting your unit for rent on other sites will provide an added layer of protection. Charter Club will verify all owner listings emailed to the front desk before we post on this website for renters to view. Any visitor to this site that wishes to rent directly from an owner will have the benefit of knowing they are contacting the verified owner of the week and unit available. While we can’t prevent all scams, we are doing our part to protect our owners and renters and ask for your help.

Listing your unit with Charter Club will provide more access to your rental listing, and should you list on other sites please tell your potential renters to check your listing here, so the renter knows they are communicating with the verified owner and unit before payment is made. The renter will also be able to view the process to ensure they receive notification by Charter Club that the owner has transferred the unit.

The Charter Club of Marco Beach® Marco Island, Florida

Introducing Our NO FEE Rental Program

  • Verify the owner’s information and unit before making payment. Payments are between owner and renter. Charter Club assumes no responsibility.
  • Owner is responsible for emailing Charter Club the Rental Listing Agreement within 2 business days upon receipt of cleared funds. Failure to submit form is subject to legal action by the renter.
  • If Renter has not received an email confirmation (check your spam folder) from Charter Club within 5 business days of cleared funds to owner, please contact the Charter Club. The front desk will verify the current listed owner or renter. If Charter Club does not have your rental agreement, they will advise you to contact the owner. Charter Club must receive rental agreement from owner to provide renter access.
  • Termination of Rental Agreement. Upon receipt and verification of the owner and renters confirmed email on file from rental agreement (or notarized document) Charter Club will terminate the Rental Listing Agreement and email confirmation of termination between the owner and renter. Charter Club only provides a service and has no legal responsibility.
  • For those owners and renters looking for the safest and most secure way to rent Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) continues their service of placing your unit for rent with HGV for a 35% fee. HGV then rents the unit for their set price and handles all payments to owners.
  • Renters can find owner available units by calling Charter Club and all payments are made with Charter Club.

Here's How It Works:

  • Owners email rental listing form from this site to front desk.
  • Front desk will verify owner, week, unit, owner contact information and will post rental on our website.
  • Potential renters will contact owner and all pricing and payments are between owner and renter.
  • Owner will email renter authorization form to front desk within 2 business days of cleared funds from renter.
  • Front desk will update system to ensure the renter now has the right to occupy the owner’s unit.
  • Front desk will send email to owner and renter confirming changes made within 5 business days. (check spam folder)
  • Termination of Rental Agreement. Confirmed emails from all owners and renters on agreement form or notarized requests must be received before returning access to owner. Charter Club upon verifying all have requested to terminate agreement will send out emails confirming termination of rental agreement. (Check spam folder)