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July 1, 2024

Let’s start July with an early Firework display!  The Board is diligently working to bring you the “Bang for your Buck”  as they balance the rising cost of insurance, the uncertainty of the warming waters bringing stronger hurricanes and their absolute commitment to the structural integrity of the buildings and balancing all, (if that’s not enough) with keeping the property well maintained and looking beautiful!  Not a small task but one that your Board works on many hours so that we owners can come to our CC that we love.  Your Volunteer Board even plans their annual meeting during the week when most Board members are on the property at their expense. Knowing the behind the scenes work hopefully allows owners the knowledge we are in the best hands during difficult times.   Now for the projects that have been completed!  View Project Pictures, Blast from the Past and Model Pictures too!

A New Flag now proudly WAVES to all!   Tennis courts both freshly lined for pickleball and tennis. David, our GM did a fabulous job in picking a color that left players happy in both sports. Eric and his gang along with Paul and his crew now are at home in their new CC Hut where the Slushie machine is busy making those famous drinks.

The new roof replacement began  in March and was completed in May. Can you believe this is the first roof that had to be replaced since the opening of Charter Club??  We can feel good knowing CC was built well.  The new Air Conditioners have found their home on the roof. (View the  project from beginning to end)  The final touch is the lightning  protection cable to be installed this week.  We will miss the cheerful greetings from Percy as we walk to our buildings as he waves and greets us from the top of the building!  Don’t worry Percy will be at ground level with his smile along with the rest of Joe’s crew.

The umbrellas have been reupholstered and the feedback has been very positive of the new blue color that David our GM selected (great job David!) along with the new chairs around the pool.

The South Building renovation of the rooms have been “almost” completed with the North Building to be completed in September during maintenance weeks.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a  hurricane-free season. The South Building will be receiving the ceilings fans and the floor lamp in the next few weeks which will complete the restoration.  We hope everyone enjoys the new look and understand the difficult choices in keeping the units looking nice but balancing the cost of increased maintenance fees and the uncertainty of the upcoming hurricane season.   The new stove/ovens have just been installed and we think it gives a fresh look to the kitchen. Oven liners will be added which should be a great benefit in keeping the bottom of the ovens clean as well as housekeeping reducing their time in cleaning the bottoms due to spills. Housekeeping will now be able to pull out the Teflon liners, wash off and put back for the next arrival.  With the new floors and the partial remodel your Board believes our owners will be very pleased.   You can view old renovations in the “Back to the Past” along with the new renovations in the “Model unit” section.   Hope you enjoy the memories as you enjoy the new look.

Don’t forget should you experience any issues to always contact the front desk so that maintenance may correct any issues.  This ensures that not only your stay is wonderful but the next owner arrives to a great room.  Your Board appreciates our owners taking the time to leave your comments and suggestions.  It’s just as important for your Board to know what you love as it is to tell them of your concerns or suggestions.    Please scroll through the pictures and enjoy!!

April 14, 2024. Changing of the Oars

A changing of oars has occurred at the Charter Club! View the photo

Charter Club is entering a new chapter with the election of Marty Terry as President, taking over from Lyman Wood, who has commendably led for more than a quarter-century. Lyman is not stepping away entirely, though, as he will still contribute as Vice President. He’s expressed gratitude for the unwavering support over his extensive tenure. The transition to Marty’s leadership comes after a period of close collaboration and mentorship with Lyman, ensuring he is well-prepared to navigate future challenges. This careful preparation assures the community that under Marty’s guidance, the organization is in capable hands. The focus remains on maintaining the Charter’s Club excellence and financial health, attributes that have allowed it to thrive, even in tough times such as the pandemic. During that period, strategic decisions enabled community members to enjoy the beach and sailing activities, thanks to the legal expertise of a dedicated attorney who prioritized the community’s interests. With a solid foundation of leadership and a clear vision for the future, the organization is poised for continued success and stability. Kudos to Marty on his new role, and a deep appreciation for Lyman’s remarkable leadership and dedication.

History of Paul

For so many of us owners that have known our “Beach Paul” for many years I thought you might enjoy this article that our beloved Asst Mgr Scott Shook wrote in July of 2020.

View the Article

2024 Maintenance Fee Increase

Why the increase in 2024  Maintenance fees? Let’s go behind the scenes!

With the warming waters and earth warming we are experiencing hurricanes that are more powerful, fires, earthquakes and many other weather related disasters that are resulting in the high increase in insurance (in many areas on the water you can’t even get insurance)  that not only our property but every other property on the water is facing.

Did you know that CC in the past had only a $25,000 deductible when a hurricane hit?


We have shared with 4 Hilton properties a $100,000 deductible so each property had a $25,000 deductible. This year the Board was notified that not only the insurance premium was being increased but also the deductible. Let me start off with the premium. Our premium increased by $780,000 and the insurance company required that the total premium must be paid in its entirety up front.

This reduced our reserves by $1,714,616. Now to add insult to injury our deductible was increased from $25,000 to now $3.300.000 (before buy down policy that will come into play and hopefully reduce the $3,300,000 – see below for more detailed information) The new deductible is not split – each property has their own for each occurrence. Yes, now over a 3 million increase in the deductible before insurance starts to pay. Now the Board looked into buying a policy on the deductible (buy down policy). It’s a very confusing policy but depending on the category, (must be cat 3 or greater) where it hits, the damage it causes to the other Hilton properties along with other variables determines the payout. No one will know until after a hurricane how much the insurance will help reduce the $3,300,000 deductible. With all the new developments the Board addressed the renovations scheduled for the living room, dining room, master and guest bedrooms. The model unit (101) has been completed and there were discussions on whether to move ahead with the renovations or hold off. There were different opinions with some members feeling the owners expected the units to be done and the money was in the reserves to others feeling it was their fiscal responsibility to the owners to hold back and have additional reserves. Thanks to the Board who could give our government some lessons 😁 they compromised leaving no one completely happy but knowing they were doing what they believe to be in the best interest of the Charter Club..

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Project Pictures

Back to the Past

Model Unit

Changing of oars

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